Wave-shaping Preamp/Drive/EQ Pedal

Love Drive Playthrough w/ Kenny Greenberg

Love Drive Playthrough w/ R.J. Ronquillo

Preamp/Drive Pedal
with Wave-shaping EQ

‘I don’t know, my tone is just better, wider, fatter, richer, with more harmonic content and more clarity’… this just might be how you’d describe the new LOVE DRIVE to your friends.  If total sonic immersion is your thing then the LOVE DRIVE is the pedal to end your search for a rich, dynamic, 3D sounding preamp/drive/EQ pedal.  

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty and built like a tank, the LOVE DRIVE features hand wired, through-hole construction so you know you’ll be able to count on it to perform night after night.

3-band Wave Shaping EQ

Precision Lows, Detailed Mids, Articulate Highs

How It Works

The wave-shaping 3-band EQ on the LOVE DRIVE allows you to refine and craft your tone in a myriad of ways.  To illustrate level of control you’ll have in shaping your tone, we fed a sine wave signal into the LOVE DRIVE and attached the output to an oscilloscope.  As you can see, by simply twisting the knobs the audio signal can be manipulated, twisted and contorted, or crafted and refined for whatever your needs may be.  It will be appreciated that the LOVE DRIVE is very capable of helping you match tones between different amplifiers as well as guitars.  

For example, it is possible to craft a fat guitar tone with a single coil pickup through an American voiced amplifier and make it sound similar to running a humbucker plugged into a British voiced amplifier (minus the actual humbucking of course).  

With the LOVE DRIVE refining your tone can be as subtle as tweak here and there.  It’s also possible to craft British flavored tones (Plexi as well as AC) even when performing through typical American voiced backline amplifiers.


The Drive Control sets the feel, tone and overdrive content of your guitar signal. Settings up to ~10-o clock are clean, punchy and substantial.  Settings between 10 and 1-0 clock take you to edge of breakup tones (especially with humbuckers).  From there, you’re crafting overdriven textures and lead tones.

3-Band Wave-shaping EQ

The LOVE DRIVE features a wave-shaping three band EQ arranged across TREBLE, MIDDLE and BASS controls.  Your low frequencies will have depth, traction and punch – like you would expect from one of our tube amplifiers.  Your mids will bloom and track with an instantaneous and percussive feel.   Your highs will sparkle and sing without sounding harsh.


The Level Control sets the overall signal volume exiting the LOVE DRIVE. The active buffered output circuitry is designed to deliver a pure, clean and transparent final gain stage that will interface very well with all our downstream devices.  The output buffer is disengaged when the LOVE DRIVE is bypassed.

Analog Devices AD822ANZ Op Amp

Ensures Smooth, Harmonically Detailed Tone

How It Works

One key to the LOVE DRIVE’s stellar performance is the Analog Devices dual channel AD822ANZ precision, low power FET input op amp.  One thing these types of devices have in common with dual triode preamp tubes (such as the 12AX7) is that they can be arranged as two separate gain stages, and that the voltage applied to the gate (think grid of a tube) proportionally controls the current flowing through the channel.

Operating in single-supply mode, the AD822ANZ offers high impedance and low noise current flow (both good for low voltage electric guitar signals).  Thanks to the high headroom circuitry design, the LOVE DRIVE can easily handle your guitar’s audio signal without concern for over-voltage phasing issues that can lead to harsh tones when pushed.

Hand Made in Nashville, TN

Featuring Through-hole, Amp-grade Components

Amp Grade Components

The LOVE DRIVE employs amp grade components such as film and electrolytic capacitors and metal film resistors.  Additionally, the unit utilizes four classic 1N4148 rectifier diodes in the feedback loop for variable symmetrical clipping. The tube-like compression of this diode is another key element to the LOVE DRIVE’s excellent performance.

Through-hole vs. Surface-mount

Through-hole components are used for high-reliability products that require stronger connections between layers. Whereas SMT components are secured only by solder on the surface of the board, through-hole component leads run through the board, allowing the components to withstand more environmental stress.

Hand Picked, Placed and Soldered

Each component of the LOVE DRIVE is hand picked, placed into the board, and soldered by hand.  Each lead is carefully trimmed.  Each wire is carefully placed, twisted and trimmed to length for optimal performance and low noise.  Every single nut and screw is hand tensioned to ensure a solid and rugged assembly.

Rugged and Road Ready

Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the LOVE DRIVE is built like a tank, bench tested and road ready!


• Preamp/Clean Boost/Overdrive Pedal
• Wave-shaping 3-Band EQ
• Top Mounted Input/Output and Power Connections
• Soft-touch, Silent “No Click” True-bypass Switching

• Buffered Input and Output When Active
• Through-hole Amp Grade Components
• Hand Built in Nashville, TN
• Built Like a Tank, Limited Lifetime Warranty

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


The LOVE DRIVE can serve as the first or last slot (or anywhere in between) on your pedal board.  When on, the LOVE DRIVE features buffered input and output circuitry.  The input buffer ensures your signal will enter the FET circuitry under optimal conditions.  This ensures that the two gain stages and 3-band EQ will sound their absolute best.  The output buffer means the LOVE DRIVE will drive longer cable runs while keeping your tone intact.  When cascading drive one into the other, the dual buffer stages of the LOVE DRIVE will ensure that your tone soars without collapsing into itself due to mismatches in circuitry.  This will be especially appreciated when you cascade a LOVE DRIVE with fuzz-style pedals.

Here’s a few other possible applications we can think of off the top of our head:
• Line Driver
• Enhancing Clean Boost (like a fresh pack of strings)
• Preamp
• Sustainer
• Gain/Dirt
• Precision EQ for dialing in Plexi/AC flavors

Model Name: Love Drive
Input Impedance: 1M Ohm
Power Connector: 9V DC, Center Negative, 2.1mm x 5.5mm
Operating Voltage: 9V DC nominal
Battery Connector: None
Controls: Drive, Output Level, Bass, Middle, Treble
Jack Placement: All jacks including power are located at the top of the enclosure
Weight: 1 lbs.
Dimensions: 4.77″ x 2.6″ x 1.6″

The LOVE DRIVE is available now finished in limited white or matte black.  Other limited edition colors will be released in the future so check back or follow us on Instagram @3rdpoweramps for the latest drop.

The LOVE DRIVE is $279 USD

The LOVE DRIVE is available now for a limited time at Introductory Pricing!! 10% off now through 8/31/22. Enter code “love-drive10” at checkout.

Charitable Contribution:
3rd Power will be contributing of 5% of the profit from LOVE DRIVE sales to the Christy Lynn Mitchell Foundation.

Christy Lynn Mitchell Foundation Mission
To award merit scholarships for college-bound high school seniors who exhibit the intrinsic motivation to be kind and compassionate. And, to support other non-profit organizations and their missions to create and promote the values of kindness and compassion within their own communities.

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