Dragon Series Amplifiers

The Ultimate Tube Amp Expression

Designed in Collaboration with Joe Satriani

Dragon Amplifier Family


DRAGON AMPLIFIERS are a vintage inspired, modern featured range of electric guitar amplifiers designed in collaboration with Joe Satriani and 3rd Power’s Dylana Scott. Its vintage inspiration comes from the legendary 1967/1968 Plexi Super Lead 100. Its modern features come from the vast combined knowledge and experience of Joe and Dylana.

DRAGON AMPLIFIERS encapsulate the soul and inspiration of iconic studio recorded guitar tones throughout history. At their core, each DRAGON AMPLIFIER is hand wired in the USA, point-to-point on vintage style turret boards and built with loving attention to detail, by people skilled in the craft.


Gain Structure, Temperament, Frequency Balance

Preamp Processing

Each DRAGON AMPLIFIER features a preamp processing section that allows you to set the overall temperament of your amplifier. The Plexi/Cascade switch give you two modes of operation: Plexi and Cascade. This is where you set the overall range of gain, sustain and distortion of the amplifier. The 400Hz Boost switch allows you to set the fullness of the treble or unwound strings. The +Gain switch allows you to create a rhythm crunch with the gain knob setting and then switch to max gain setting for soloing.

Plexi/Cascade Switch

This switch sets the window of gain, sustain and saturation on tap and controlled by the Gain knob. In Plexi Mode, you’ll enjoy classic Plexi clean and crunch tones. In Cascade Mode, you’ll find an abundance of gain, saturation and sustain that remains clear and articulate.

400Hz Bump Switch

This switch engages a 400Hz boost that fattens up your treble (unwound) strings without making your lower (wound) strings sound tubby. This is a profoundly useable feature for soloists and guitarists in general wanting to fatten up their guitar tone. The result is similar to adding a touch of outboard studio EQ and compression.

+Gain Switch

This switch allows you to setup two levels of gain and then toggling between the two via remote foot switch. Your rhythm gain setting is found on the Gain knob. Your solo setting is identical to turning the Gain knob on 10!

Dual Tone Stack Circuits

Vintage and Modern EQ Controls

How it Works

Each DRAGON AMPLIFIER features a tone stack voicing switch that delivers the sweeter Vintage JTM tone control voicing and balanced gain response in one position, and the more in your face Modern JMP voicing in the other.


The JTM45 debuted in ’65 bringing the punch and sustain of a certain American style bass amp but with a decidedly British angst. One circuit common to both was the tone stack featuring a 56k ohm slope resistor and a 250pf treble capacitor. This made for a sweeter tone with emphasis on the melody strings.


The JMP amplifiers debuted around late ’67 bringing with it a distinctive mid-range frequency slice, increased sustain and of course, more power. One design tweak made a huge impact: a 33k ohm slope resistor and a 470pf treble capacitor. This increased overall gain, slice and punch… mission accomplished.

Studio-grade Mastering Section

Separate Low, Mid and High Band Filters

How it Works

DRAGON AMPLIFIERS feature a studio-grade mastering section. Fine tune your low, mid and high frequencies to exactly what you need for an exciting performance!

PUSH Control

The PUSH control allows you to fine tune the low frequencies so that your tone is punchy and balanced across the frequency spectrum.

*Note: The DRAGON 25 PUSH circuitry is hard wired internally to the perfect setting.


The MID FOCUS control lets you enhance the middle frequencies. In the MODERN setting, your mid frequency response is forward and more vocal. In the VINTAGE setting, your mid frequencies are more traditional and somewhat scooped in comparison.

*Note: The DRAGON 25 is hard wired in Vintage mode.


The ULTRA PRESENCE control lets you adjust the amount of boost or cut of the overall high frequency response. The KHz Band switch allows you to select the perfect corner frequency of the high frequency shelf. Use this control to optimally set your high frequency response to match your tone to any given speaker. Bright speakers will benefit from raising the shelf higher than the peak on the speaker. Darker speakers will benefit by lowering the corner frequency to kick in and lift your presence right where the drop-off occurs.


The Perfect Volume for the Room, Every Time!

How it Works

Each DRAGON AMPLIFIER features our proprietary Hybrid-MASTER™ technology. Not a power-scale or power soak, Hybrid-MASTER simultaneously controls the volume, limits the DC current and regulates the DC plate voltage of the tube circuitry. From s bedroom whisper to coliseum roar, with Hybrid-MASTER the tone and feel of your amplifier remains in-tact no matter what your volume setting is. All controls remain responsive, articulate and effective.

Essential, Easy Access Patch Points

FX Loop, Bias Test Points and More


Each DRAGON AMPLIFIER includes 3Ps buffered all-tube Class-A effects loop that’s optimized for pedals as well as rack-mountable gear. Plugging in your favorite time-based FX such as digital delay, pitch-shifting delay, chorus and reverb take on the life of a studio-like performance. 


Each DRAGON AMPLIFIER features external multi-meter test points and a fixed-bias adjustment control so you can optimize your power tubes for the best tone and longest tube life.


Each DRAGON AMPLIFIER features multiple speaker output impedances for compatibility with various speaker cabinets or reactive load boxes.

Plug into a DRAGON amplifier and experience each note leaping out with intense passion, authority, and glorious warmth.
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