Meet Benjamin Glass


Benjamin Glass hails from Midland, Texas, and is now based in Nashville, TN. Ben grew up listening to a very eclectic mixture of country, rock and R&B. Ben is currently working as a performing guitarist for several touring pop country acts.

He got his start during the pandemic as a pop session guitarist for up and coming artists based in LA. As the pandemic began to subside, Ben began to tour with acts such as Reyna Roberts and John Morgan. Ben is currently touring as a lead guitarist for Logan Crosby and Mackenzie Carpenter.

Ben has used 3rd power Amps his entire session and touring career. According to Ben, “They just sound “right!”  He continues, “People always ask what amp I use on a session or what I’m using on the road and it’s always 3rd Power. I can’t imagine using anything else.”

Find and follow Benjamin:

1307 Jewel Street
Nashville, TN 37207
[email protected]

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