Factory matched full tube set for your Kitchen Sink 40w amplifier. Preamp tubes include: (2) JJ ECC83S short-plate version for American and AC preamp circuits, (2) JJECC83S short-plates for your higher gain and tone-stack circuits, (1) JJ ECC83S for your FX loop, and (2) Sovtek 12AX7LPS  long-plate tubes for reverb and phase-inverter circuits. Power tubes include (2) Apex matched JJ E34L power tubes. The key to the best performance for the Kitchen Sink amplifier is that your clean channel preamp, mix and EQ tubes must be transparent and 3D with rich harmonics and smooth breakup when pushed. For the gain channel, your preamp and tone-stack tubes must be articulate, “fast” and higher gain with low noise and low microphonics. All Kitchen Sink tubes are hand selected and graded by the designer and only the finest tubes make it into a Kitchen Sink set. Each set is made to order and ships within 3 – 5 business days.


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Weight 10 lbs